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Welcome to Britannia Chiropractic! We are healthcare leaders in Ottawa for specific and result driven Chiropractic care. Our team of skilled Ottawa Chiropractors are dedicated to helping you by effectively treating problems naturally through chiropractic care, without the use of drugs or surgery. We have been providing Chiropractic care for the Ottawa, Westboro, Barrhaven, and Kanata areas for over 30 years! With a wide range of techniques used and multiple Chiropractors available, we cater for patients of ALL ages.

Dr. Guest, Dr. Kirkham, and Dr. Dick (author of Healing Satori) love living in the Ottawa area with their families and serving those around us to better the community we all enjoy. Here at Britannia Chiropractic we promote (and live-by) a philosophy of health that is unique, simple, and completely natural. We believe that your body is designed to be amazing.

Welcome to Britannia Chiropractic Clinic

Our clinic is located in West Ottawa at 1315 Richmond Road, Suite 11. We are across the street from Lincoln Fields mall and conveniently located near the 417. We’re easily accessible from nearby suburbs including Westboro, Barrhaven, Nepean, and Kanata.  There is plenty of free parking directly in front of the clinic and we are wheelchair accessible.

Our practice focuses on using objective results to drive patient-centered care. During your first appointment with one of our chiropractors, will go through a complete health history with you as well as perform the relevant orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests to determine how chiropractic can best

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Britannia Chiropractic Clinic
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help you. We specialize in structural correction of the spine, acknowledging that no-one has a “perfect spine”. We love helping patients of all ages, and commonly see babies and children, but also those in their “later-on” years and everyone in between. Our structural approach to Chiropractic ensures that there is a strong focus on the brain and body allowing them to work and perform at their optimal best so the body can function at 100%.

The benefits that chiropractors provide can be seen in a variety of health conditions. We commonly help people suffering from headaches, lower back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, dizziness, scoliosis, pinched nerves and many other conditions. We also love helping pregnant women experience better birth outcomes due to our specific and gentle approach to care.

We want to acknowledge that there are some common myths or misconceptions as well out there regarding Chiropractic. We strive to be open and transparent about the work we do, the care we provide, and the benefits to your health. In Ontario, Chiropractors are primary contact providers, which means you can access them directly. You do not need a medical doctor to refer you to a Chiropractor. The majority of our patients are referred into our clinic from their family and friends (if Chiropractic wasn`t so effective they wouldn`t be doing this), referred in by their medical doctor, our visit us because of our location.

Chiropractic has at times been questioned on its effectiveness. In recent years, there has been significant resources used to build a robust body of evidence studying the impact of Chiropractic care on numerous conditions. As such, there is also an abundance of research that supports the effectiveness of Chiropractic care. Ask us for recent research that has been published in the journals showing the safety and effectiveness of Chiropractic care.

It is also a common misconception that Chiropractors only treat lower back pain and headaches. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts and are trained in assessing, diagnosing and treating conditions that impact the musculoskeletal system and associated neurological system as well as other structures besides that spine. There is mountains of evidence supporting the Chiropractic management of extremity, TMJ, and many common childhood conditions.

At Britannia Chiropractic we are here to provide safe, gentle, and effective care for you and your loved ones. There are no gimmicks or yearlong contracts…just quality care given in an objective manner. We cater for patients of ALL AGES and are ready to give you the ultimate health care experience. Contact us today at 613-726-8830 to start your journey towards health and wellness.

Healing Satori Book

Our very own Dr. Dick wrote this book after 35 years of Spine-Straightening Experiences. Pick up your copy below!



“I am so grateful to Dr. David and Chiropractic because my pain is gone! I can do the things that I want and my life is back! Thanks so much for helping me!”

“David is a great guy! He is very caring and helpful! I would recommend any runner or athlete seek care from him. He gave me hope and cared when others didn't.”

“I cannot recommend Dr. Guest enough. It has been just over 3 weeks under care and I’ve had my first headache free week in almost a year. Thank you so much!”

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1315 Richmond Road Suite 11

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