"After a week with a headache that no drug could relieve; I went in to see Dr. Guest for an assessment. I have been to other chiropractors previously and none of them were nearly as thorough as Dr. Guest. He initially sent me for x-rays and we discovered, not only the cause of my headache but also, the cause of chronic shoulder pain. He was great in explaining what was going on and what the treatment plan was. He has relieved me of pain and allowed me to feel like my optimal self again."

"Great experience. Not been able to play sport properly for the last six months without my back seizing up. Less than a month of treatment and I'm playing 5-6 times a week with no problem. I'd highly recommend Britannia Chiropractic Clinic."

"5 years ago I was in a severe car accident putting me in a wheel chair. I had pain on a daily basis until a month ago when I met Dr David Guest. For the past month David has been adjusting me and my pain levels have significantly decreased. My goal is to run again and David is helping me get there. Looking forward to reaching my goals! Thanks David."

"A really refreshing experience. I love the fact that you can not only feel but see the difference for yourself. On my first visit Dr Guest explained it was important for me to get a x-ray done so I could see the difference over time. I did see it and really helped me. I drive a lot with my job and with his help it has physically changed my lifestyle for the better. Very positive experience."

“Dr. Guest is extremely talented and gifted. Professional. Great listener. Unique skills. Accomodating and friendly staff that work there. Most importantly, he truly cares.”

“David is a great guy! He is very caring and helpful! I would recommend any runner or athlete seek care from him. He gave me hope and cared when others, including my family GP, didn’t.”

“Brought my 8 week old infant to Dr.David for chiro to help with colic, he was so wonderful..so informative and hes great with kids. I believe chiro has helped our baby tremendously, and no doubt Dr.David’s expertise. The whole staff at Britannia clinic is incredible! Definitely recommend!”

“I went to Dr Guest because I was suffering from almost daily headaches and popping too many painkillers. His examination was extremely thorough and he explained what he was doing every step of the way. I cannot recommend Dr Guest enough. It has been just over 3 weeks under care and I’ve had my first headache free week in almost a year. Thank you so much!”

“My experience of Chiropractic care has been amazing. Dr. David Guest is an excellent Chiropractor and it has been a calm, informative and relaxing experience. David and the team treat me with respect and understanding of any of my problems and questions. Jennifer at the front desk is warm, friendly, attentive and accommodating to make our appointments fit our lifestyle and work schedule. I would love to thank both David and Jennifer for making my time spent at their clinic the best.” K.S.

“I have been having regular Chiropractic Care since April 2009 and during that time so much has improved for me. Neck pain and headaches are less frequent and noticeably less severe. My use of pain pills has greatly reduced and I no longer live in a fuzzy brained fud that the headaches used to cause. My energy levels have improved and when out walking I can go longer distances without pain in my hip. I have since gone on some long hikes, something I would not have attempted before and I cope better with the physical aspect of my job as a care assistant. Making the commitment to receive Chiropractic care has given me improvement in my health that I would not otherwise have.” R.W.

“In 1997 I foolishly came down a steel ladder the wrong way, slipped and landed with a jar on a concrete floor. I started out on Voltaren and then found it played havoc with my stomach. Then the doctor wanted to give me something to take with it to kill the effects of the Voltaren. Crazy, now I was taking two pills. Then I met Dr Dave. He had a look and asked me about my neck. My neck? Then I remembered!! Light years ago I fell of a horse and had some trouble with my neck. I decided to follow the course of action he recommended, as all I could lose at this stage was money I thought. Am I ever glad I did. My back is now liveable with, my neck doesn’t creak and groan anymore, I can bound up stairs without help and I feel a whole lot stronger and more able to cope. As to the cost in money terms, it balances out when you consider how much the pills and visits to the doctors were. Health wise, I am confident I am healthier than I have ever been for years, all that’s left to do now is keep up the maintenance programme.” V.B.

“My testimonial about Chiropractic is that it helps people so much. In my case, before I came here for the first time I couldn’t stand up because my back hurt a lot. All my plans and my projects were falling down. The pain I was feeling was so strong that I never thought Chiropractic would take it away but I just trusted in it. Since the first week I started to feel changes with the pain and with my life. After every adjustment I had more energy and a more positive attitude. And today, I am so grateful to Dr David and Chiropractic because my pain is gone! I can do the things that I want and my life is back! Thanks so much for helping me!” M.H. and M.C.

“Hi my name is Greta and like a lot of people I suffered from a ‘bad back’ which covers a whole list of symptoms like tingly hands, headaches, sore legs, unable to walk without pain, unable to sit in a chair because my bottom bones hurt, unable to sleep and lots more that I can’t think of now. Do you know why I can’t recall them? Because I don’t have them in my life anymore. I am not on pain killers and apart from the odd twinge (I am allowed one or two) I feel twenty years younger. I have always been active but now I am ‘pain free active’. Chiropractic care is not a ‘one off’ course, it is on-going. If you want to stay fit and well, keep at it and keep coming back to the guys who know what they are doing. Thank you Dr. Guest” G.L.

“I visited Dr. David Guest recently. Now 4 months later my spine pain, neck and shoulder stiffness are 9/10 – almost absent. Other symptoms that have improved are flexibility, energy levels, sitting, standing, reduced stress, walking, general state of mind and ‘feel good factor’. One real pain I thought I was destined to have for the rest of my life was pre-menstrual syndrome. Now these symptoms have improved and are nearly absent. Thanks to Britannia Chiropractic Clinic for your awesome care and commitment to my well-being.” Z.F.

“For many years I have suffered from back pain. Dr. Guest began specific Chiropractic Care after explaining to me what was going on in my body. After just two treatments I no longer needed to take a sleeping pill which I had been taking for about 18 months. It was a great feeling to be able to sleep naturally and I now feel so much healthier. I must tell you that I am 76 years of age. So thank to you David otherwise I would not be the healthier person that I am now.” D.F.

"Over the years I found myself suffering consistent re-occurring pain, located mainly in my neck, shoulders, back and feet and also had a slight limp by the end of most days. Due to those things I would have restless sleep most nights, so felt run down and tired often. After a consultation x-rays were taken of my neck, upper and lower spine. Those x-rays shocked me when I was shown the problems in my spine and made me decide to commit to Chiropractic care. I attended my sessions vigilantly, determined to see results and my following x-ray was a pleasant surprise, showing me a very clear and obvious 30% decrease in the curvature of my neck, a small improvement towards what I am aiming for but very significant to the state of my health in the future. I now feel more energetic and well rested and the discomfort had decrease hugely along with my end of day limp. Because of the amazing results I have had, my personal view of healthcare for my body has totally changed." R.E.

“I was a professional track and field athlete with chronic hamstring problems for 7 years. Dr. Ken Dick used a combination of manipulation, massage and interferential current and completely cured my problem and I was selected for the Canadian Olympic Games team. Chiropractic works!” C.B.

“Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Dr. Ken! I’ve got my life back. I haven’t had a headache in years.” C.L.

“We just completed our first winter ever with no antibiotics for our 2 children. Thank-you Dr. Dick for your combination of healing touch and common sense.” K.W.

“Thank-you Dr. Dick so very much for all the compassion, professionalism, and flexibility with all my needs. Your clinic is like an oasis of “calm” in my hectic life. You have wonderful staff also.” L.R.

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“I am so grateful to Dr. David and Chiropractic because my pain is gone! I can do the things that I want and my life is back! Thanks so much for helping me!”

“David is a great guy! He is very caring and helpful! I would recommend any runner or athlete seek care from him. He gave me hope and cared when others didn't.”

“I cannot recommend Dr. Guest enough. It has been just over 3 weeks under care and I’ve had my first headache free week in almost a year. Thank you so much!”

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