Chiropractic Testimonials

"Great experience. Not been able to play sport properly for the last six months without my back seizing up. Less than a month of treatment and I'm playing 5-6 times a week with no problem. I'd highly recommend Britannia Chiropractic Clinic."

- Anonymous

“I have been having regular Chiropractic Care since April 2009 and during that time so much has improved for me. Neck pain and headaches are less frequent and noticeably less severe. My use of pain pills has greatly reduced and I no longer live in a fuzzy brained fud that the headaches used to cause. My energy levels have improved and when out walking I can go longer distances without pain in my hip. I have since gone on some long hikes, something I would not have attempted before and I cope better with the physical aspect of my job as a care assistant. Making the commitment to receive Chiropractic care has given me improvement in my health that I would not otherwise have.”

- R.W.

"Over the years I found myself suffering consistent re-occurring pain, located mainly in my neck, shoulders, back and feet and also had a slight limp by the end of most days. Due to those things I would have restless sleep most nights, so felt run down and tired often. After a consultation x-rays were taken of my neck, upper and lower spine. Those x-rays shocked me when I was shown the problems in my spine and made me decide to commit to Chiropractic care. I attended my sessions vigilantly, determined to see results and my following x-ray was a pleasant surprise, showing me a very clear and obvious 30% decrease in the curvature of my neck, a small improvement towards what I am aiming for but very significant to the state of my health in the future. I now feel more energetic and well rested and the discomfort had decrease hugely along with my end of day limp. Because of the amazing results I have had, my personal view of healthcare for my body has totally changed."

- R.E.

“I was a professional track and field athlete with chronic hamstring problems for 7 years. Dr. Ken Dick D.C. used a combination of manipulation, massage and interferential current and completely cured my problem and I was selected for the Canadian Olympic Games team. Chiropractic works!”

- C.B.

“Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Dr. Ken D.C.! I’ve got my life back. I haven’t had a headache in years.”

- C.L.

“We just completed our first winter ever with no antibiotics for our 2 children. Thank-you Dr. Dick D.C. for your combination of healing touch and common sense.”

- K.W.

“Thank-you Dr. Dick D.C. so very much for all the compassion, professionalism, and flexibility with all my needs. Your clinic is like an oasis of “calm” in my hectic life. You have wonderful staff also.”

- L.R.

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