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Massage Therapy Ottawa ON

The practice of massage therapy in Ottawa is the assessment and manipulation of the soft tissue and joints of the body, done with a knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the structures, applied through hands-on techniques for therapeutic results. The effects of massage therapy reach beyond that of just relaxation. Decreasing tension does help the body to do its work more effectively, but massage influences the body as a whole with the following physiological effects:

  • Increases circulation throughout the body thus enabling better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and cells and removal of waste materials
  • Improves circulation within the muscles and stimulates healthy separation and realignment of injured fibres
  • Helps to decrease pain and inflammation
  • Gentle stretching to muscles and connective tissues that surround and support the body
  • Helps to loosen contracted muscles and stimulate weak muscles to help balance the body
  • Increases mobility in joints
  • Affects internal organs through direct or indirect stimulation of the nerves supplying the organ

Therapeutic massage is a natural healing tool and helps tune the body by using the body’s own processes.

Massage Therapy is Recommended For:

  • Relief of chronic stress/tension improved circulation pain relief
  • Lymphatic drainage neck, jaw, back pain chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia tendonitis bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome pregnancy discomforts muscle spasms Sprains/strains osteoarthritis sciatica
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome rheumatoid arthritis whiplash


This technique is deep and focuses on healing the muscle tissue that can be causing health problems. The therapist will evaluate the muscle tissue status and will then determine which technique to use. These are the ones most commonly used: Trigger point release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue Work, Scar Tissue Work, Hydrotherapy techniques,Remedial Exercises and Myofascial Release.


This technique focuses on increasing your relaxation. It is considered a more superficial technique that helps to promote circulation. The skills used in this type of massage are; Diaphragmatic Breathing, Stroking Technique, Effleurage, Origin and Insertion for muscles.

About Registered Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy falls under the Regulated Health Professions Act 1994. It has a governing body and a Quality Assurance Programme with a Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics guideline for massage therapists. Massage Therapists practising in Ontario must be members of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and only these members are permitted to use the title Registered Massage Therapist or Massage Therapist and the letters RMT or MT with their names. There is a minimum 2200 hours of training required and these strict regulations and certification programs allow massage therapists in Ontario to maintain high professional standards and quality care for their clients.

Types of Massage

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