Shingles and the Spine in Ottawa ON

Shingles and the Spine in Ottawa ON

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You have probably seen the commercials on TV about shingles. The commercials talk about the fact that if you have had chicken pox, you already carry the virus for shingles in Ottawa ON.

These commercials speak the truth - if you have ever had chickenpox, you have a higher chance of having a shingles outbreak because the virus is already inside of you.

Chances are that you probably never give the shingles virus any thought at all, whether or not you have had chicken pox. However, having your first outbreak of shingles is going to make it the only thing on your mind.

What is Shingles in Ottawa ON?

Shingles is an extremely painful condition that involves the immune system, nerve endings, and the nervous system. When a person experiences an outbreak, they will notice a raised, red, bumpy area of their skin. This area will only focus on one particular area of the body - and it will be painful. The area affected will usually follow the path of a nerve, as it's the nerve root in the body at the area of the spine that is being affected.

Shingles result from damaged or weakened nerves and/or immune systems. If you have a nerve area that is under pressure, you may develop shingles in that area. That also means if you keep your nervous system and immune system healthy and properly functioning, your chances of contracting shingles decrease dramatically.

How can you do that?

See your chiropractor regularly.
More and more people are turning to chiropractic care for shingles because chiropractic care focuses on the spine and the nervous system. To us, it's common sense - if we guide the spine back towards its normal position, which removes undue pressure on the discs and the nerves in the body, conditions such as shingles usually improve.

When shingles present themselves along a specific path, usually a circular path, it is actually following the path of the damaged nerve. We can help relieve the nerve pressure that is causing the shingles outbreak.

It is imperative that you seek care at the first sign of a shingles outbreak. If you put off seeking care right away, it will only take longer to get relief. The virus damages the nerve even more during an outbreak - the longer the virus is active, the more damage your nerve will experience.

And of course, if you haven't had shingles yet, your best course of action is to do what you can to prevent it together. If you do have shingles, consider getting under some Chiropractic care, the results will speak for themselves.

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